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LEO Management Aggression Prevention. The specialist for in-company training courses focusing on how to deal withaggression, violence and sexual intimidation, as well as stress reduction withinthe workplace, intervision and team building in a professional manner.



Leo Regeer is a teacher and consultant in Amsterdam. From 1970 until 1990, he workedas a manager within all healthcare fi elds. In 1990, he started working as a freelanceconsultant and teacher, and founded the educational institute LEO Management AggressionPrevention in 1991. From 1992, he became known as an organizer of (European)conferences and numerous (inter)national seminars on aggression and violence. Within hismedical fi eld, he was involved in the establishment of ACENDIO in 1995.

His main expertise is dealing with aggression, intimidation and violence, and safety. He hasdeveloped successful in-company training courses and train the trainer courses based on anestablished practical theory. These in-company training courses have increased in numberover the past few years and are still widely spread throughout the entire healthcareestablishment and educational sector, as well as among municipalities and social serviceproviders in the Netherlands. Due to his expertise, he is also an active and sought-afterspeaker in the world of business.

During the same period, Leo Regeer developed a user model for scientifi cally-based trainingprogrammes, namely CFB techniques (Supervision & Physical Management) and the Radarmethod. Thanks to training courses provided to trainers on an annual basis, this successfuluser model has resulted in an extensive national network of certifi ed trainers. Some 240trainers have been trained and many service providers are learning about his method,not only outside the Netherlands and in the German-speaking region of Europe, but alsoin Eastern Europe. Within the Netherlands, over 40,000 (health) professionals use hisRadar method as a guideline for dealing with aggression, intimidation and violence in aprofessional manner! Both methods are registered with national and European authoritiesunder the name “Leo Regeer”.